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POS furniture from KIND4stores – where the special is standard

KIND4stores has many years of experience in the field of POS furniture, developed for countless areas of application and a wide variety of requirements. We are able to tailor, set up and install POS furniture to the respective requirements - also in our customers' branches across Europe.


The special furniture from KIND4stores includes e.g. B. small, flexible, free-standing shelves to bring together selected products from a manufacturer in a special presentation or for promotional goods. The design is designed in such a way that the focus is on the goods: filigree and reserved, but still really resilient. An advertising screen is to be attached overhead. The mobile variants can be used universally and offer a practical way to quickly redesign sales rooms.


Will light or electronic media, such as a screen, be used to support sales? Then the cabling on POS furniture from KIND4stores remains invisible so that nothing visually distracts from the presentation of the goods. On request, we can implement POS furniture in a CD-compatible manner using the brand color and logo.


The versatile POS presenters from KIND4stores can be converted, dismantled and temporarily stored to save space in just a few simple steps.

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