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Shelves in top form

Unlike in the construction trade, which serves construction companies and craftsmen, the majority of customers in the hardware store buy with the eyes of consumers. Hobby do-it-yourselfers and DIY fans enjoy upgrading and beautifying the house and garden.

That's why at KIND4stores the signs are pointing to experience shopping. This is the path that sectors such as the food trade have been successfully taking for a long time. In hardware and DIY stores, on the other hand, there is still a lot of potential to achieve more sales with modern shopfitting concepts.

The first step is to be more bold in presenting and presenting project ideas instead of just placing materials and tools on shelves as individual products. Sample presentations are even more effective if everything that is possible is shown across the range: e.g. B. in the living area for a harmonious ambience with small furniture, self-made shelves, wallpaper, paints, lamps, light sources and accessories. Theme-based presentations or special seasonal areas offer incentives to buy – from bathrooms and wellness to gardens and barbecues. Integrated brand shops can further increase attractiveness.

Anyone who has whetted their appetite for new projects needs expert help, which KIND4stores provides by setting up advice desks and info points. In addition to this, we also install monitors with DIY instructions, digital elements and omnichanel services.

Other opportunities to gain personal experience are test stations, e.g. for tools or cleaning agents for tiles, carpets, etc. With an appealing ambience and direct dialogue and interaction options, stationary retail can score points over online retail at the same time.

Of course, the logistical aspects for efficient operation should not be neglected either: wide aisles for navigating with industrial trucks and shopping trolleys, quick orientation for professional craftsmen with building elements and tools, a presentation of large-format building material products that is as space-saving as possible and appropriately designed checkout areas. The impulse counter with must-haves that craftsmen simply cannot ignore should not be missing here.

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