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Delivery logistics and assembly - Focus on the opening day

We plan our process chains in such a way that the shop fittings can be delivered immediately after production and installed on time. This is crucial to ensure that the (re)opening takes place on the planned deadline and that expensive downtime is avoided. Our experienced logistics teams organize the delivery in close coordination with the forwarding partners. Final arrangements are made with the upstream trades and it is ensured that the infrastructure of the unloading point is well prepared on the day of delivery.

Our assembly teams keep an eye on the optimal sequence of unloading so that everything is already correctly placed for the subsequent assembly and subsequent trades can quickly tackle the final finishing work.
Our well-rehearsed installation team proceeds in a structured and targeted manner. Her talent for improvisation is always used when, despite the most careful preparation, something does not go according to plan or new customer wishes have to be implemented on the last mile.

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