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EDEKA Engels –
a new shopping world

EDEKA store Engels in Heimbach

On 1,000 m2 of sales area, a new shopping world with the most modern product presentation has emerged. The entire shelving was implemented within just five days using the HK25 shelving system. The fruit and vegetable area has two levels with inside corners and also has pleasant LED lighting. The fronts and ends of the shelves are paneled throughout with wood. Decorative potato crates fit seamlessly into the concept. To protect the electronic price labeling from impacts with shopping trolleys, special impact sockets were used on the shelf base. In this way, cost-intensive reordering of the labels is avoided in the long term.


Own small, white drugstore world in the market

The drugstore area is completely self-contained with white, illuminated HK25 shelves to create its own little white world in the supermarket.

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