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gas stations -
on the way to the future

Refueling alone was yesterday. At gas stations, the highest-margin sales are no longer made with fuel, but with goods that are bought spontaneously 'on the side' in the gas station shop. For customers who actually only want to pay for their fuel quickly, the right visual signals and thus buying impulses must be set very quickly.


KIND4stores leaves nothing to chance here and successfully relies on a shop structure, shop fittings and product presentation in petrol stations, with which the right course can be set quickly. Modern lighting concepts and digital information systems to control the line of sight complete the concept.


The topic of cooling is one of our special topics when fitting the store at the gas station: the snacks on offer are intended for quick consumption on the go, and drinks are best sold chilled, and not only in summer. Displays indicate ice cream that is stored in freezers and is not directly in the field of vision. We equip larger gas stations with a café corner or a gastro area, because the all-rounders also fulfill this function.


Depending on the location, petrol stations also serve as local suppliers outside of regular store opening hours. Our flexible and versatile shelving systems are designed for a wide variety of product groups and are supplemented by special furniture. Drinks and seasonal goods, such as charcoal, can be found there, as well as all kinds of vehicle accessories, such as oil, window cleaner, antifreeze, etc.


The tobacco shelf behind the counter, for example, is designed with special feed systems and the attachment of advertising media, which were developed in close cooperation with the tobacco industry. On the customer side of the sales counter, chocolate bars, chewing gum and similar typical impulse goods in the form of e.g. B. a candy stem offered.


We will be happy to advise you on the design and layout of the petrol station shop, tailored to your target groups, if a regional reference is desired or if a corporate design is to be adhered to.

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