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Wine and Spirits -
flagship department

Along with fruit and vegetables, the wine and spirits department is one of the areas with which food retailers can differentiate themselves from customers with proven expertise and a special profile. The focus is on a range of goods that stands for enjoyment and culture, joie de vivre and lifestyle. These are the best prerequisites for making it a flagship department whose popularity and reputation benefits the entire store.

Selling wine and spirits is all about creating a tasteful and welcoming interior – but not only. We at KIND4stores specialize in going one step further: making the quality of the range of goods and the technical competence in putting together the range visible and tangible through our store fitting.

KIND4stores, wine & spirits

A very owncreate profile

With shelving solutions from KIND4stores, the wine and spirits department gains its own profile. It convinces customers with a coherent offer, a special atmosphere and unmistakable shopping moments.

Wine and Spirits Department – a communications department

Product competence alone when putting together the range is not enough to sell successfully. Consumers who want to consciously enjoy something good want to be informed, receive professional advice and exchange ideas. The Wine and Spirits Department is a communications department. Anyone who manages to turn the product selection at the POS into an experience sells more successfully.

With its goods carrier systems, KIND4stores creates a wide range of possibilities for advice on the shelf. You can effectively add e.g. B. digital media: for storytelling about wine regions, grape varieties, domains and distilleries. Customers can call up information on ingredients, production and origin at interactive terminals.

KIND4stores, wine & spirits

Room fortaste experiences

Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we are happy to plan tasting opportunities in the store. The spectrum ranges from tasting machines to tastings where a sommelier can personally advise you. Product display systems from KIND4stores can be quickly adapted to current needs, e.g. B. also to create space for events, such as tasting evenings with winegrowers from the region.

Cross- and up-selling, the classic group placement

If you are interested in good wines, you are also interested in good food and products from the delicatessen shelf. Gourmets also value table culture: glasses, knives, serviettes, candles and beautiful decorations. The sale of items beyond the core range can ensure a strong increase in sales. In addition to cross-selling, up-selling also ensures higher receipts. Customers are more likely to choose the 'better' alternative or a bundling with added value if they are cleverly placed and staged.

KIND4stores, wine & spirits
KIND4stores, wine & spirits

Presentation showcasesfor fine drops


modestnes shop design gives wines, champagne and spirits a face. Special delicacies can be found inBeverage showcases from KIND4stores space, which can be optically integrated into the goods carrier system. The fine selection attracts connoisseurs who don't necessarily look at the price. The fine wines are attractively presented with LED lighting – well protected behind lockable glass doors.

Katalog Wein & Spirituosen
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