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Product development, production, roll-out - from a single source 

Retail is change: always inspiring customers with new products – that is what makes it so strong. The retail solutions from KIND4stores support retailers in making their shop fittings flexible and future-proof: attractive for the consumer and efficient for the operator.


Diversity also means differentiation. KIND4stores therefore not only considers practical criteria such as simple assembly and easy cleaning. Each product area has different requirements for store fitting. For this reason, KIND4stores is developing range-specific add-ons as an extension of the standard system, which are precisely tailored to the diverse requirements of the various product groups and range areas: for fruit and vegetables, baked goods, beverages and spirits, cosmetics and much more.


When it comes to fruit and vegetables, for example, hygienic and attractive presentation is important; In addition, the materials used must be food-safe and moisture-resistant at the same time. In the cosmetics department, it's all about accommodating small-scale goods in a space-saving manner and presenting them in a visually appealing way; high-value products can optionally be provided with a discreet anti-theft device.


Special shelves and presenters from KIND4stores have a modular structure, which has a positive effect on production, transport and assembly. The design is designed so that large quantities can also be produced efficiently and inexpensively. Our furnishing elements can also be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of floor plans. They can be dismantled for transport without additional effort for assembly or even at the expense of stability. Wearing parts can later be easily replaced.


KIND4stores only releases the final version of a special shelf for series production after many samples and practical tests in the store. The prefabrication is organized on the basis of the roll-out plans agreed with the retail chains in order to equip the planned branches in Europe and around the world according to the schedule. For this, KIND4stores uses well-established assembly teams and relies on a proven network of suppliers for whom every opening date has the highest priority. 


The realization of such special displays and shelves for baked goods, wine and spirits, fruit and vegetables, herbs and flowers, magazines, cosmetics and much more are the supreme discipline of shopfitting and are only really mastered by a few manufacturers. KIND4stores has over 120 years of experience in this area and counts world-renowned retail chains among its customer base.

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