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Drugstore and Beauty -
space for wellness

KIND4stores has decades of experience in the drugstore and beauty sectors. Our teams of experts support you with the new installation as well as with conversion and repair measures. No matter whether it is a retail chain, a specialty store or a department. A field-tested shopfitting system is used, which is continuously being further developed. With fresh ideas and the many industry-specific add-ons, we also provide a visual upgrade for entire product ranges or set visual accents for special offers and trend products.

Flexible use for any architectural situation and for different drugstore items


The KIND4stores shopfitting system stands for flexible space concepts. It is designed in such a way that it follows almost every change. In this way, new departmental concepts, theme worlds or changes to the product range can be implemented quickly and efficiently - usually on your own initiative.


With an increment of 25mm, you are equipped with the KIND4stores shelving system in the drugstore and cosmetics sector for all architectural situations and drugstore items. In this way, even small items such as hair clips etc. can be accommodated within one unit in a space-saving and visually appealing manner. The grid dimension can be selected for heights, widths and depths according to the product sizes customary in the industry. The bandwidth is enormous and ranges from the mini size to the XXL storage pack - including the required loads.

Light for an appealing atmosphere and the focus on selected products


In order to create a special shopping atmosphere in the Drugstore & To create beauty, we develop - on request - specific lighting concepts. In addition to attractive basic lighting, the concept includes cleverly placed light accents to optically brighten individual areas and the setting of light highlights for strategic products. The lighting systems from HARRESKIND can be easily integrated into the shop fittings - regardless of whether floors (also made of glass), back walls, side walls or skirting boards areare to be pieced. All light sources can be controlled individually and networked digitally. The LED technology used is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

KIND4stores, drugstore and beauty

Shopping experience through sensitivity - versus online trading

Shop with all your senses and strengthen the POS for more sales: sight, smell and touch! As experts for the POS, KIND4stores supports brick-and-mortar retailers in creating special shopping experiences for their customers. We design shop fittings so effectively that a sensual and 'up close' shopping of drugstore and beauty products can be experienced.

KIND4stores, color concepts

All RAL colors for your individual beauty area

Harmonious color concepts create atmosphere, facilitate orientation and provide identity. At KIND4stores, the entire range of RAL colors can be used to design the POS. We can implement your color scheme to implement the company's own corporate design in our production.

We have decades of experience in the development and manufacture of shelving systems. Our branded quality productsKIND4stores we manufacture Made in Germany in our own production facilities, externally tested and under constant quality controls. The service portfolio ranges from standardized, scalable shopfitting systems to individual, tailor-made shop and store solutions. Our clients include the discounter as well as the premium supermarket or the self-service department store.

Katalog Drogerie & Beauty
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