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Naturata organic supermarket

We are in Luxembourg with Naturata!


The new Naturata organic supermarket has opened in a former warehouse in Steinsel in Luxembourg. In this project, we were once again commissioned with the entire planning, construction and project implementation. According to the very high quality standard of the customer, only high-quality materials should be used - and this within a fixed budget and time frame for production and assembly. In addition, planning ideas for supplementing and expanding the existing shop design were desired.


Analogous to the organic lines of the Naturata logo and corporate design, we have Regaldeveloped gondolas, which appear in slight curves.

Custom-made, triangular trapezoidal floors give the gondola axles slight angulations, which create a pleasant change in direction. This has resulted in curved walking zones of different widths between the gondolas, which are reminiscent of the organic pathways in a garden.

The more than 20 meter long service counter with meat, fish, cheese and baked goods is perfectly staged by a long canopy with suspended spotlights. In the rear service area, materials such as granite, real wood and colored slate stand for authenticity and quality.


Another highlight:


The use of rough-sawn, untreated oak veneer gives the market a natural and homely character - as here in the fruit and vegetable department.

In the fruit and vegetable department, the focus is absolutely on the products. Two-part mirrors very impressively support the optical doubling of the fresh goods.

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