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Convenience stores -
himself is the customer

While customers expect a large variety of products in the classic supermarket or discounter, this is often not possible in the small sales areas in the city center. There, convenience stores have their niche as local suppliers for customers who usually walk or cycle.

KIND4stores therefore plans these modern 'mini markets' in such a way that as many goods as possible in the right selection can be accommodated in the smallest possible area. At the same time, it is ensured that the goods can be refilled quickly and smoothly.


Unlike convenience stores in gas stations, which are geared towards the immediate consumption of food, the type of business in the city center is geared towards a small but varied selection of food for easy preparation at home. Many products are already prepared for consumption, such as sliced fruit, salad mixes, etc. KIND4stores installs the appropriate cooling equipment and hygiene precautions for this. Where space permits, we will also set up a gastro corner if freshly prepared small meals are also offered for immediate consumption. This is an offer that is particularly popular in districts with many office workplaces for lunch breaks.


KIND4stores is also the right address for convenience stores that want to expand their portfolio with non-food items or parcel acceptance because they have more space.


In addition to its function as a district supplier, the convenience store has also found its niche in the village: for customers who do not have the mobility to get to the next district town. With the staff-free Smart Stores 24/7, convenience stores are currently developing into attractive suppliers outside of regular store opening hours, including at KIND4stores.

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