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Natural food from the region and climate-friendly shopping are consumer trends that have long since arrived in supermarkets and discounters. The purely organic markets stand out with particularly high standards for a hand-picked range of goods: certified food from ecological husbandry and agriculture, vegetarian and vegan, natural cosmetics, cleaning agents and other products with the lowest possible pollution.


KIND4stores creates a shopping world for customers in this market segment whose equipment not only reflects 'organic'. Of course, we are also able to meet the criteria for sustainability and environmental protection in shopfitting, e.g. B. in the standards for sustainable forest management. Even if no oiled wooden shelving is used because it is not robust enough for a high turnover of goods, wood looks are still very important, and solid wood is then preferred to chipboard.


The shopfitting for the organic market should be just as little off the peg as the fruit and vegetables on offer from the greenhouse. The design spectrum ranges from a rustic weekly market atmosphere to the freshness palace with special wooden furniture in organic shapes. Customer paths that lead naturally along curved shelves in the organic market take precedence over the linear, rigid structures at the discounter. The focus is on a relaxed shopping experience that you can enjoy with all your senses - and not on the clocked, quick purchase.


As experienced shopfitters, KIND4stores takes organic market customers from one discovery to the next and stages a shopping spree like at the weekly market, where you can also taste the products.


KIND4stores: short distances for a better carbon footprint


Our choice of location is also a decision for more sustainability! The KIND4stores companies produce exclusively in Central Europe: at two production sites in North Rhine-Westphalia for the DACH region and in Central Czech Republic primarily for the Eastern European market. In comparison to global sourcing with its internationalized supply chains, we thus balance significantly fewer greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions. In addition to the ecological advantages, more and more clients in retail appreciate the logistical advantages of a local complete supply: It is more efficient and more reliable in planning.

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