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Technology that convinces

Consumer electronics stores were hit hard early on by competition from online retail. In the meantime, however, more and more customers are finding that they are overwhelmed by the endless selection of online stores and their supposed bargains.


This explains the comeback of consumer electronics stores that address customers who value good advice, see products live in action and want to touch them before they buy. This also includes the target group of the best agers, who have long been digitally savvy themselves, but appreciate competent advice in a specialist shop and do not have to look so much at the price.


That is why a stimulating and descriptive sample presentation, specialist expertise and the associated services are crucial for the success of an electronics store. This requires a wide selection of products with different specifications, which the seller can use to make the various features clear and advise the customer on the product with the highest margin.


KIND4stores implements the shop fittings in such a way that they are precisely tailored to the requirements of the respective product range. High-quality, small-format consumer electronics must be presented so that they can be seen, touched and tried out, but at the same time be protected against theft. The trend towards cordless devices requires the exhibits to be continuously recharged. Here, the experience of the shopfitting partner is required for an attractive presentation that can be equipped quickly and easily for the sales staff even in continuous use and remains operational for the next product generation. With large-format electronic devices, services such as delivery, connection of new devices and return of old devices are important added values that must be communicated through the store design.


With its storefitting, KIND4stores creates an infrastructure for a shopping experience that ranges from the presentation of products that require explanation to customer dialogue and after-sales service.

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