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Drinks Bader in
Ubstadt pond

The modernization of the beverage market of beverages Bader in Ubstadt-Weiher!

Our goal was to create a contemporary and appealing design that takes into account both the needs of the customer and those of the employees.

An important part of the project was the optimization of the store design,


to fundamentally improve the atmosphere, facilitate navigation in the market and improve product presentation. The ranges are clearly visible thanks to the clamping frame in the color concept and ensure intuitive guidance and easy orientation in the entire stock of the Bader world of beverages. We have moved the empties delivery to a small extra room near the checkout. A new empties belt transports the empties to the outside area. We were able to switch the lighting to LED technology - to save energy and create a pleasant lighting atmosphere.


A highlight of the project is the renovation of the entrance and checkout area, which now offers a welcoming and stylish environment for customers.



The former checkout system blocked the view into the room through a wall. We resolved this, had the wall removed and made the cash desk and entrance more open and functional. When entering the beverage store, customers now experience a pleasant generosity, which is further enhanced by the removal of another wall. These measures have enlarged the store by around 75 square meters to a total of 420 square meters.

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