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Drinks Hamm in Nufringen

The new business premises of Flaschen Hamm in Nufringen presented us with a special task:

the planning and execution of a very independent beverage market (340 m2) in a former industrial hall with an integrated four meter high Empore. With the IThe integration of the gallery cladding into the HK25 shopfitting system by means of column extensions and a change of material in the frame panels has resulted in an extraordinary sales room. The area under the gallery offers space for an 80 m2 wine world, which gives the entire market a unique architectural character.

A material mix of gray powdered metal, rust and copper-colored range signs and wall lettering as well as decorative lights underscores the unusual industrial style. The other sales worlds with water, beer, delicatessen, etc. take up this style and offer space for generous product presentations.

The entire project is sure to have a wow effect!

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