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Beverage markets and departments as adventure zones.


KIND4stores is building the beverage department of the future! Contemporary shopfitting concepts play a key role in future sales success in the beverage sector. We at KIND4stores know what is important when planning and how to implement it with the greatest customer benefit - from A to Z and down to the last detail.

Drinks stores, KIND4stores

This is how thirst quenchers boost sales!

The successful increase in space productivity in the beverage store increasingly depends on how comfortable the customers feel there and how much they enjoy shopping. We therefore use our high-quality goods carrier systems as a basis for structuring and presenting the product worlds in the beverage market in a sales-promoting manner.

KIND4stores recommends shelving or product presentation at customer eye level and wide aisles that guide them through a varied range of goods. For the corresponding shop fitting elements, we create a uniform look and, if desired, a room design in order to impress customers with a pleasant shopping atmosphere. This also includes lighting concepts that put individual product groups in the limelight instead of standard lighting.

Get a taste for it with eye-catchers

The more targeted impulses are set at the POS, the longer the stay in the specialist store - and thus the probability of spontaneous additional purchases beyond the routine purchase. Beverage stores benefit from higher receipts through spontaneous additional purchases: on the one hand in the core area of beverages and on the other hand with cross-selling products, i.e. related product groups.


Increase sales performance with a strong profile

More and more beverage markets are successfully relying on a strong shop profile. That's why we at KIND4stores also take factors into account when planning shop fittings that can underline the individual character of a shop. The joint location analysis can result in a wide variety of possible approaches: regionality in the decor and range (e.g. regional beer specialties are becoming increasingly popular), personal advice as a supplement to self-service shopping, additional services and much more. m.

Modular principle and system concept

Shop fitting systems from KIND4stores offer a high degree of flexibility in use. Its modular principle ensures rapid adaptation and, if necessary, expansion. Benefit from the versatility of our solutions to set new POS impulses and secure your investment in the long term. We offer optimization instead of an expensive complete conversion and are always happy to advise you - for example at the test stations that are becoming more and more popular.


More sales through 'cross-selling'

As one of the leading shopfitting brands, KIND4stores can create a uniform shop design for everyone when it comes to shelvingEnsure areas of cross-selling. So everything comes from ein hand, and the result is a closed appearance. The top-selling product groups in the context of beverages include:

  • snack items

  • cigarettes

  • party supplies

  • barbecue accessories

  • confectionery

  • ice cream

We have decades of experience in the development and manufacture of shelving systems. We manufacture our quality products from the KIND4stores brand Made in Germany in our own production facilities, externally tested and subject to constant quality controls. The service portfolio ranges from standardized, scalable shopfitting systems to individual, tailor-made shop and store solutions. Our clients include the discounter as well as the premium supermarket or the self-service department store.

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