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Fruit and vegetables -
the freshness paradise

The fruit and vegetable department has long been of immense importance in retail. Usually placed at the entrance, it is the figurehead in food retail. Customers look around particularly carefully here – they like to be tempted by an attractive, varied range of fresh produce. The fruit and vegetable department has thus become a key differentiator.

With our shopfitting brand HK Obst & We create solutions with which the retail trade can optimally position itself in this segment. Our system solutions aim to make customer purchases

  • to make it as easy and convenient as possible

  • to make it a special experience

  • to be as informative as possible

  • and for trade

  • need-based placement from an economic point of view

  • to achieve the best possible sales figures with sufficient product availability.

A paradise of freshness welcomes you and invites you to go shoppingn

First slow down, stimulate the senses and get in the mood for enjoyment. In the fruit and vegetable department, where the customer run traditionally begins, the course for the entire purchase is set. Significant impulses can already be set here.

Slim constructions in favor of the fresh goods


We have designed our fruit and vegetable solutions in such a way that the actual product display with its discreet, high-quality design stays in the background. Juicy fruits, crunchy salads and fresh vegetables in their lavishly colorful variety offer a feast for the eyes whose visual impact should unfold to the full.

Maximum goods quantities and optical goods print


Slim constructions ensure that maximum quantities of goods can be accommodated in a minimum of space. This creates an impression of fruit and vegetables in abundance and an increased product presence. With a selection of decorative elements, specific visual accents can be set in order to customize and adapt the shelving system. In addition to the presentation of goods, the aim is to create a pleasant room atmosphere, e.g. B. through modern lighting technology, coordinated colors and material concepts, ceiling sails, acoustic walls and much more. m. Of course, we also develop and produce custom-made products.

Made in Germany - tested quality


We have decades of experience in the development and manufacture of shelving systems. We manufacture our quality products from the KIND4stores brand Made in Germany in our own production facilities, externally tested and subject to constant quality controls. The service portfolio ranges from standardized, scalable shopfitting systems to individual, tailor-made shop and store solutions. Our clients include the discounter as well as the premium supermarket or the self-service department store.

Katalog Obst & Gemüse
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