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Pet shops - pet houses

Pet stores and specialist stores for pet supplies and pet food are enjoying a growing clientele. In the meantime, almost every second German household has a pet that should not lack for anything as a family member. That's a total of almost 35 million cats, dogs, small animals, ornamental birds, fish, terrarium animals, etc. The product ranges and thus the requirements for shop fitting are as varied as the animal world.


Animals make us happy. That's why the shop fittings from KIND4stores encourage people to explore the variety of animal-related products that go beyond routine purchases. We create a world of discovery with suggestions for even more beautiful animal experiences and space for expert advice.


Even in the core segment of pet food, differentiated solutions are in demand that go beyond simple shelving: mistresses and masters, e.g. For example, you can choose between wet food in cans, pre-packaged dry food in various sizes, loose goods and frozen raw food for BARF. Diet and nutritional supplements also deserve special attention. And with the long-running treats, there should always be something new to discover to inspire impulse purchases. This also applies to the range of animal housing, from baskets and cages to cat trees and transport boxes to aquariums and terrariums. The third important product range also benefits from skilful furnishing and design: products related to animal activities, because they whet the appetite for a new favorite toy for four-legged friends and feathered friends alike.


Of course, KIND4stores also cares about the species-appropriate accommodation of the animals in the shop. Areas specially furnished and decorated for more exotic species arouse curiosity about the keeping of more unusual pets, away from the mainstream.

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